Swedish Massage

Relaxing and Therapeutic, eases tension and enhances circulation.

30 Minutes $40
60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $100

Pure Pressure Deep Tissue Massage

A Combination of slow and deep pressure to alleviate chronic pain and muscle fatigue.

30 Minutes $45
60 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $120

Maternity Massage

This is a soothing, full body massage for the mother-to-be, specifically addressing pregnancy discomforts. It aids in relaxation, benefits, circulation and provides comfort during this time of change.

60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $125


Organic Pomegranate Sugar Scrub $60

+add on 30 Minute Massage for only $45

Using Eminence Organic sugar scrub your Therapist will exfoliate the entire body, next enjoy a private shower in your treatment room to rinse and ready the body for a 30 minute massage to penetrate Organic oils into the skin leaving you glowing and renewed. 75 Minute Treatment when upgrading with massage


Add Ons:

doTERRA Essential Oils $10

Sent is a powerful tool for relaxation and therapy on both a physical and mental level. 

Extended Scalp Massage 15 minutes $15

Looking for a little extra bliss? Take 15 more minutes for yourself and let your scalp and head bask in the attention. Great for stimulating hair growth and moisture! 

Foot Massage $15

Treat your feet to some extra TLC finishing off your massage with an additional 15 minutes focused just on these down-trodden muscles.


*For added benefits, ask Pure's Massage Therapists for details on our Massage membership program that includes discounted monthly spa treatments and much more.